Welcome to Global Anaesthesia Society

Global Anaesthesia Society is a community of professional doctors who are working as Anaesthesiologists all over the world , The aim of the group is to provide a platform for doctors to share and spread knowledge and experiences and improving the skills of the doctors for better patient care . GAS has a global presence with 25000 active members in facebook group and conduct regular virtual and physical conferences

Of all milestones and achievements in medicine, conquering pain must be one of the very few that has potentially affected every human being in the world. Anaesthesia as a science in itself is dedicated to this very cause. It was this ideology which led to the formation of Global Anaesthesia Society (GAS) in 2011. This group was created as a platform for anaesthesiologists from world over to discuss topics related to anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine. From humble beginnings it has now reached a membership of more than 32000 members all across the world.

GAS Anaesthesia Medical Education (GAME) is an initiative to educate and promote the practice of safe anaesthesia even for practitioners with limited resources.